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Professor C.F. Amerasinghe

CAIO is honoured to welcome Professor C.F. Amerasinghe, former Judge, UN Administrative Tribunal, Full Professor of Law at the University of Ceylon, Sri Lanka and author of the authoritative text, "The Law of the International Civil Service".  As a former UN Administrative Tribunal Judge, Professor Amerasinghe is well placed to assess the UN's internal legal system.  He continues to work on updating the only textbook in the field of the law of the international civil service.  His expertise in international law and international civil service law is much appreciated.

Special Advisors

CAIO is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation, supported through donations raised through the Fundraising Advisory Committee, Michael Green and Roy Damary.

Michael Green

Michael Green is a Swiss based British journalist, lecturer and communications consultant. He has been a staff writer, correspondent and editor for several major publications, and has written and edited specialist books, films and videos on a variety of subjects.

Born in London, Michael Green was educated at Oakham and Rugby Schools. He attended the University of St Andrews, Scotland, and the Sorbonne in Paris, graduating in English and French literature.

He is particularly noted for his in-depth interviews with leading personalities, including heads of state, world political and business leaders, prominent artists and performers. He has worked in over fifty countries.  To learn more about the Anglo-Suisse Artistic Foundation,


Roy Damary

Head of Buiness Studies, Director of Doctoral Program, Robert Kennedy University, Zurich, Switzerland.  Dr. Damary has an M.A. in Engineering Science with First Class Honours from Oxford Zurich, Switzerland, and an MBA from Harvard Business School  Head of Business Studies, Director of Doctoral Program, Robert Kennedy University, Zurich, Switzerland.  While pursuing a business career through Technomic Consultants SA, Geneva, he obtained a PhD from Lausanne University in 2000, in economic reforms in Russia including the emergence of modern Russian business practice.  Roy Damary combines practical consultancy and running his own business with academic management and teaching experience in marketing, accounting and finance, and entrepreneurship. 

Dr Damary taught business development, marketing, accounting and finance courses at Webster University from 1986 to 1994  He is now developing an initiative to encourage best practice in business, through the Foundation for Excellence in Business Practice,

Special Thanks to...

The Directors of CAIO wish to thank the following organisations for their support and collaboration:



  • CAIO is a not-for-profit NGO
  • CAIO is greatful to its donors and sponsors, including international staff associations and staff unions, for their contribution towards research, teaching and public awareness
  • CAIO has an summer internship program for students of law
  • CAIO is thankful to the Geneva legal community for its support and recognition for the need for a local solution to a problem of international dimensions


Raising public awareness

  • Problems of legal protection for international organisation staff, accountability and the complexities of international immunity have to be understood clearly before they can be solved
  • CAIO seeks to make key decision makers aware of the implications of acts and ommissions by international organisations
  • A clearer understanding of the legal issues will lead to better execution by international organisations of their mandate, less corruption and fairer treatment of staff
  • CAIO seeks to develop understanding of legal and accountability issues surrounding international organisations through reporting, monitoring and direct engagement with international organisations and their staff

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